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Jivan & Sebu Release a new single called Hummingbird

A song about fleeting love.

Download at iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/hummingbird-single/id512989979

I never know what’s on your mind
But evidently you are on mine
Like a hummingbird, you move and hover
You mesmerize me ten times over

I don’t want to be taken
for one that is making a fool of himself
But you, you see that I’m shaking
Falling and breaking
Do you even care?

I’m gonna love you till the end of time

I’ve come across so many lovers
I’ve always remained undercover
But none have caused me so much trouble
Exposing weaknesses I suffer
released 27 March 2012
Written and produced by Sebu Simonian.
Co-produced by Jivan Gasparyan.



Jivan Gasparyan Jr. featured on National Geographic

Each week Nat Geo Music scours the far reaches of the internet to bring you the coolest new videos from around the globe, and this week we turn to Uzbekistan, where our friend and HuffPo Vlogger Michal Shapiro recently covered the Sharq Taronalari cultural festival, with her trusty camera in tow. There she captured some amazing footage for us, as she describes below:

I just got back from Uzbekistan, covering the Sharq Taronalari festival in Samarkand… and boy are my ears (and eyes) tired! As one of the judges at the festival remarked “It’s a bit of Heaven and Holly wood?no, make that Bollywood.” But amidst the incredible swirl of performances, which ranged from great to kitsch, Jivan Gasparyan Jr’s stood out as an island of artistry and cool sanity. The lights illuminating the immense Registan, where the festival takes place went to a simple ultramarine, and for a space of time we were all focused on some intensely soulful music.

Gasparyan Jr. had a lot on his shoulders. His grandfather, duduk player Jivan Gasparyan Sr. is one of world music’s best known musicians, having collaborated with the likes of Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Brian May, Lionel Richie, Michael Brook, Hans Zimmer and Andreas Vollenweider. He’s quite literally the People’s Artist of Armenia, having been awarded the title in 1979. But this time, he was in the audience, watching his grandson taking the stage in a pivotal performance as his first competition so geographically near to his roots. The performance earned Jr. the UNESCO prize, and a grandfather’s joy.

I was toting my trusty camcorder, and prior to the awards announcements, had the good fortune to arrange this spontaneous shoot with Gasparyan jr in a room just adjacent to the hotel kitchen. My thanks to his two stalwart accompanists, and to my various friends who guarded the doors and kept waiters and dishwashers at bay.

Check it out!

Grandfather, Grandson, Grand masters from Michal Shapiro on Vimeo.

Source: National Geographic


Jivan Gasparyan Jr – 46664 ambassador

jivan_gasparyan_jr__6col_288_300_s_10046664 ambassadors are musicians, artists and sportsmen and women who are committed to supporting 46664 and the mandate its takes forward to find new hands to lift the burdens.

Jivan Gasparyan Jr. joined the 46664 ambassadors. To read more please visit www.46664.com

“As citizens of our planet, it’s our responsibility to declare a global AIDS emergency and to help the campaign raise funds needed to fight the epidemic.”