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The Duduk is a unified symphony of the human spirit; it gives voice to the lament of our bitter past in one instance, the song of our present life in another and to the hymn of our faith and strength.

Welcome to Jivan Gasparyan Junior's Official Homepage

Jivan Gasparyan, one of the Armenia's greatest musicians, is the foremost master of the duduk. Owing in part to his recordings and concerts over the past few decades, the duduk and Armenian music have received widespread international attention. His three recordings available in America, including ''I Will Not Be Sad In This World '' (Opal), have met with widespread critical acclaim.
Jivan Gasparyan (born October 12,1928 in Solak, Armenia) was six years old when he started to play the duduk intuitively, without knowing any notes.
His first instrument was the gift from the well-known musician Margar Margaryan...
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Jivan Gasparyan Junior's music appears in “The Soul of Armenia” double CD, produced by Netwoek Medien GMBH (Germany), and the CD "Penumbra” produced by Michael Brook (USA), and CDs "Maktub", "De Facto",and "Eros"with the band "Visa"...
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